by cee reality

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This is the mid point off the up coming album Cee Reality. A journey down the rabbit hole of the mind into the realms of spirit and fractal infinity!


go ask alice about the rabbit hole
pack the chalice with salads light the bowl
drop the acid become the whole
it seems familiar you've been here before

touch your soul now you're losing control
control you never had relinquish it all
fall into the dream world the unseen world
make believe world seems more real world

aqua sky teal world LSD world
fractal DMT machine world
say hi to the elves see your higher self
surrender to most high your mind starts to melt

reality is felt check the cards dealt
open up your head all your stories read
the past is being bled now your brain's being fed
by the present moment the memories are shed

see the past already dead and the future never comes
this moment shines bright your heart a drop of the sun
the verse is one a song sung
by galactic harmonies on the tip of god's tongue

the trip just begun now i'm feeling like a ton
stuck to the earth gravity a rung
now i'm reaching for the next see the pattern so complex
i'm lighter than a feather flying on a breathe

flying on the wind to the heavens i ascend
crown chakra activated material transcend
cosmic energy frequencies bends
love vibrations is all that i send

ride it to the end the wounds on the mend
the doors of perception are cleansed
5th dimension the magnitude immense
pineal reception third eye lens


released June 10, 2015



all rights reserved


cee reality Toronto, Ontario

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